Field Interviewer/Mystery Shopper

A field interviewer conducts quantitative research, directly with respondents. Interviews are conducted using paper questionnaires (PAPI technique) or using laptops/tablets or smartphones (CAPI technique).

A Mystery Shopper is a person who takes on the role of a “typical customer” and, by visiting stores, banks, service outlets, inspects the level of customer service in these establishments. Through observation of the premises, assessment of the environment, and conversations with employees, he verifies the implementation of established standards.

If you are a person:

● communicative – who likes to talk to people and easily establishes contacts
● poised and disciplined
● able to see and analyze details
● available – ready to take on additional work
● mobile – having no problem with the implementation of the commissioned projects within 50 km of the place of residence
● honest, who reliably approaches to their duties
● proficient in the use of a computer

We have for you:

● employment on the basis of a contract of mandate,
● ongoing settlement of work performed in monthly cycles
● earnings, which depend on your commitment and the number of completed projects
● the opportunity to implement diverse projects
● introductory and project training necessary to carry out the projects entrusted to you.