The use of multiple distribution channels can contribute to the increase in a company’s turnover. The proper management of individual channels allows companies to more efficiently use the sales potential of current clients and also to reach new customers. One of the most practical and objective ways to take care of effective offline customer service is by the constant monitoring of individual elements of the service by independent observers.
The Mystery Client survey consists of carrying out hidden observation by a qualified auditor who, playing the role of the typical customer, verifies how the process of customer service proceeds. It is also essential to monitor the state and method of consumer product distribution, and to check their presence and display at the shop. Such research allows the verification of the actual state of product availability to consumers; whether its position on shelf is favourable compared to competitors; how additional product display, promotional materials and prices influence the level of sale; and control over the work of people responsible for the implementation of the company’s targets. This knowledge enables companies to take tactical decisions with the view to strengthening their own position on the market.

How can you fully exploit the potential of your company’s distribution channels?

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