Well-planned and reliably conducted public opinion surveys constitute an essential tool for public authorities and their units in the management of processes that occur in a given area. They constitute the basis for the preparation of strategies concerning the development of different areas in a given region – knowledge based on reliable data supports the development of competitive advantages and the accurate identification of strengths and weaknesses. LEARN MORESurveys also allow the development of efficient solutions within the scope of the management of public institutions due to the monitoring of their operations and problems. In addition, analyses within the scope of public administration constitute an invaluable source of knowledge about the needs of different groups of residents.

People managing the public sector at the government and local government level want to strengthen public participation in taking decisions on the allocation of public funds and the distribution of public sector services. Social surveys help to understand better human attitudes and to plan efficient social campaigns which stimulate and promote positive social change in such areas as harmful alcohol consumption, safety on roads, drug addiction and health policy.

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