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PBS offers services across the whole spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research, to clients from both private enterprise and the public service.  The agency has expertise in traditional research methods (e.g. ethnographic observation techniques) as well as in advanced contemporary techniques (CAPI, CATI, CAWI).


The team of experienced research consultants works with clients from sectors of the economy as diverse as advertising, finance, the food industry, home appliances, health, internet services, the media, power/energy and telecommunications.  The agency also carries out research projects for clients from the public sector, including the national government and its agencies, local government, foundations, NGOs and educational bodies.  Our research consultants receive support from a team of statisticians, which allows PBS customers to run their data through the most sophisticated and advanced data analysis tools.


PBS is well regarded in the Polish and international media: the agency’s strong position as a supplier of poll data to the print media is owed to its committed involvement in public opinion research, by means of which it has been recording the social transformation in Poland over the past 15 years.


PBS is a founding member of the Organization of Opinion and Market Research Firms (OFBOR – Organizacja Firm Badania Opinii i Rynku), the Polish association of market and opinion research firms that counts the leading research agencies in Poland among its members.  The company is also a participant in the key OFBOR’s initiative, the Interviewer Work Quality Programme (Program Kontroli Jakości Pracy Ankieterów - PKJPA).  In 2002, PBS won the IMPACTOR prize for Best Research Institute, the coveted award by the advertising industry.

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